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Counter Strike: Condition Zero Losenoidoomock (CS:CZ) is an updated version of the timeless, tactical, team-based first-person shooter Counter Strike 1.6. Released in 2004 after much delay (and passing of development responsibilities from one studio to another), it featured pretty much the same multiplayer gameplay, with slightly updated character models, textures and maps.

While CZ doesn’t veer too much from the tried and tested formula of CS 1.6, it differs in one unique and vital feature: Condition Zero offers a single player mode.

Same Game

CZ is essentially the same game as the original, pitting a team of terrorists against counter-terrorists in a round-based series of matches. It features the same game types – bombing and hostage rescue – which can be won by either accomplishing the objective or killing everyone on the opposing team. Players earn money between rounds, depending on their performance, which they can use to buy new weapons at the start of the next round.

Not much changed in the gameplay – quite unfortunate considering the lengthy wait before CZ saw completion. The graphics are barely separable from the original game, as well, which makes it a tad disappointing considering game graphics in 2004 seemed miles ahead of the original Half-Life engine that powered Counter Strike. You get the same audio too – although it seems to hold up much better to later standards than the graphics does.

As a multiplayer title, CZ offers no change from the original, which means it’s still every bit as timeless and fun. That, however, makes it less a reason to buy it. In fact, the only reason to get CZ for multiplayer purposes is to play with other CZ owners. Otherwise, CS 1.6 is a better deal being free while Counter Strike: Source offer way better graphics and environments. Surprisingly, CZ still ranks as one of the most popular Half-Life mods, barely noticeable differences from CS 1.6 notwithstanding.

Like the rest of the CS titles, plenty of hacks are available for Condition Zero, including wallhacks, tickets for wicked, chams, various flavors of highly-customizable aimbots and other specialized features. There are speed hacks to aid you in moving fast from one area to another, perhaps to take advantage of vulnerable opponents. You can employ unique sniping abilities that allow you to take out opponents anywhere in the map, leaving opponents wondering where the hell you’ve been camping out. CZ will be breezy with one of our VAC-proof hacks in tow!

Hell you’ve been camping out. CZ will be breezy with one of our VAC-proof hacks in tow!